Unlock My AI Success Formula: The One Step I Never Skip!

3 min readFeb 27, 2024


Starting a new project, especially a Proof of Concept (POC), always feels like I am surfing in the new spot. Here at DNAi, when I, as an AI Developer, embark on this journey, it’s not just about building something new; it’s venturing into the depths of possibility and innovation. Understanding the project’s essence is my ritual, start of the creative process. It’s a phase where rushing is the adversary, as each moment can lead to a breakthrough.

Why I Cherish Initial Analysis

Before I even dream of coding, I immerse myself in the project’s world. It’s a period of intense curiosity — talking to people, poring over research, and exploring if our technology can breathe life into our vision. It’s a quest not just for the “what” but for the “why” behind every project. This stage is my guiding light, ensuring that each step forward is taken with purpose and understanding.

Sweating the Small Stuff

To me, every detail matters. I find myself questioning even the most minor assumptions, challenging my own thoughts, and planning for every conceivable hiccup. This level of scrutiny is my secret weapon, helping me unveil the optimal path forward and set precise goals for the POC. It’s like piecing together a puzzle, where every piece is crucial for the full picture.

The Art of Deconstruction

My toolkit often starts with a pencil and paper. I sketch, drawing out the client’s world — be it a warehouse layout or a system flow — using diagrams that bring clarity to complexity. These sketches do more than visualize; they dissect the grand vision into actionable insights, allowing us and our clients to see the interconnected steps necessary for success.

Venturing Deeper

These initial sketches are mere stepping stones. With each client conversation, the sketches evolve, adapting to the unique challenges each project brings. This phase is particularly exhilarating for AI projects, where innovation meets customization head-on.

Drawing is not just a task; it’s my way of thinking, planning, and dreaming. It’s how I navigate the intricate dance between project needs, technological possibilities, and unforeseen challenges.

Finalizing the Technical Blueprint

Before we kick start the coding phase, it’s crucial to nail down the technical design. This includes the entity model, where we define abstract entities like students and languages for a language learning app, and the database model, which translates these concepts into data structures for our database. These models guide our development, ensuring our solutions are both innovative and aligned with our clients’ needs.

Deciding When to Move Forward

Choosing the right time to shift to the development phase is a big deal. It’s a group effort.

Finding the balance between being thorough and getting started is tricky. Wait too long, and we’re behind schedule. Rush it, and we might miss something important.

It’s a moment of alignment between me, my team, and our clients, signifying we’re prepared to bring our vision to life.

Written by Jakub Szasz, AI Developer DNAi | AI solution company




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